Client relationships

Strengthening the
advisor-client connection

Relationships are the foundation of a successful advisory practice

Here are resources to help you strengthen connections with clients and grow your business. Use our guides, tools and ready-made communications to:

Convey your value proposition quickly and effectively.

Manage client expectations and enhance loyalty.

Establish best practices for more productive client meetings.

Create compelling communications that set your practice apart.

Handle tough conversations to keep clients confident and on track.

Educate clients on complex topics using print-friendly, plain-talk materials.

Craft a value statement for your advisory practice


 Creating your value statement (guide)

 Sample value statement

Effectively expressing how you provide value is essential to establishing a foundation of trust and transparency in your client relationships.

One of the best opportunities to articulate your value proposition is during the early stages of your client relationships. A value statement allows you to create a highly personalized description of your advisory practice, which you can use to enhance your early client communication efforts.

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Set yourself apart with a compelling mission statement.

  • Explain the value you provide.
  • Describe the unique aspects of your practice.
  • Make it memorable and convincing.
  • Keep it short and to the point.
  • Keep it up to date.
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Explain your advisory approach in terms your clients understand.

  • Define how you help clients succeed.
  • List the steps you use to provide advice.
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Target your services to your clients' needs.

  • List your investment planning resources.
  • Consider your clients' interests and potential needs.
  • Tailor your services list accordingly.
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Describe your approach to client communications.

  • Set expectations for communication with clients.
  • Be specific when describing your review schedule and client call-back policy.
  • Stick to the agreements you make with clients.
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Discuss your advisory fees.

  • Describe your fees in simple terms.
  • Provide a clear explanation of the services you'll provide.
  • Consider giving general pricing during your first meeting and final pricing in a follow-up meeting.
  • Give clients the option to review your fee schedule either before or after your describe your services.
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Provide biographies for yourself and key team members.

  • List professional experience, educational background and any industry certifications.
  • Provide brief personal descriptions of yourself and your team members.
  • Consider providing personal information about your family, hobbies and any community involvement.