How Vanguard prepares for the unexpected

19 March 2020 | Markets and economy



Tim Buckley: Greg, one of the questions that we've been getting from our clients is what are we doing around business continuity? What steps have we taken to make sure that regardless of how long the coronavirus goes on regards to how severe it gets that we can continue to keep the operations going? And now to our viewers out there, if you look behind me, what you're looking at is one of our trading floors. Usually you'd see it densely populated. That doesn't mean that people aren't working out there when you just see people, every other desk or every third desk. It means that we've distanced them properly, and I should by the way mentioned that you'll notice a Greg and I are sitting apart here. We're trying to practice social distancing and everything that we do. Beyond, social distancing, what are you guys doing? What steps have you taken to make sure this operation continues? How have you distributed your team?

Greg Davis: So it starts really with the fact that hey, it's a global operation so we have trading locations in the US, trading locations in the UK as well as Melbourne, Australia. And in addition to those global trading locations, we also have contingency sites that we're leveraging right now in each one of those locations. So we have our team split up between our main hubs and those contingency sites, and we've even prepared for the fact that if we need to, our people could trade from home. So we've installed the technology, we've tested the system, so we could have business as usual, even in a severe event.

Tim: And trading from home is not something you are going to jump to. I mean you guys love the collaboration that happens on the floor even when people are spread out. It's just much easier to happen there. That said, if we have to go there, we absolutely ready to do it.

Greg: Absolutely.

Tim: Security is going to be the same absolutely whether if someone's at home as it's going to be the same if we're trading from home, as if you're trading from here.

Greg: Absolutely.

Tim: Now, I should mention Greg that the rest of Vanguard’s operations, whether they're talking to an associate at Vanguard, whatever area of Vanguard is supporting the client, those areas have been distributed too. That we have taken steps to move associates apart. Moving between different buildings. People are working from home. They are distributed between our sites as well so. We're taking the steps to make sure that we continue business as usual here or as close to as usual as possible.

Greg: Absolutely.

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