Vanguard introduces international high dividend yield ETF

28 August 2018 | News from Vanguard


TORONTO (August 28, 2018) — Vanguard Investments Canada Inc. today announced the listing of the Vanguard FTSE Developed ex North America High Dividend Yield Index ETF, providing a low-cost and global investment option for investors looking for an income component within their portfolios. The ETF began trading on the TSX today with a management fee of 0.28%1.

"Canadian investors and advisors are increasingly looking for global income-oriented solutions,” said Atul Tiwari, managing director of Vanguard Investments Canada Inc. "This ETF helps meet that need with an easy-to-understand investment process featuring strong equity yield potential with low-costs and a disciplined risk management framework.”

Vanguard FTSE Developed ex North America High Dividend Yield Index ETF (TSX:VIDY) - The Vanguard FTSE Developed ex North America High Dividend Yield Index ETF seeks to track, to the extent reasonably possible and before fees and expenses, the performance of a broad international equity index that measures the investment return of common stocks of companies characterized by high dividend yield, with a focus on those located in developed markets, excluding North America.

ETFBenchmarkManagement Fee1TSX Ticker Symbol
Vanguard FTSE Developed ex North America High Dividend Yield Index ETF FTSE Developed ex North America High Dividend Yield Index 0.28% VIDY

1 The management fee is equal to the fee paid by the Vanguard fund to Vanguard Investments Canada Inc. and does not include applicable taxes or other fees and expenses of the Vanguard fund.

"We have seen that Canadian investors value equity income options that are low-cost, global and well-diversified," said Tim Huver, head of product, Vanguard Investments Canada Inc. "This ETF provides exposure to the largest high dividend-paying companies across a diversified mix of 23 developed international markets outside of North America."

The new ETF makes quarterly distributions. It is rebalanced annually and offers exposure to large-cap and mid-cap companies characterized by above-average dividend yields.

Vanguard now offers a suite of 37 ETFs in Canada with over CAD $17 billion in assets across its broad-based line-up of investment solutions, including mutual funds. Canadians hold over CAD $30 billion in Vanguard investments (including both Canadian and U.S. funds).

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