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What's our secret to more than $1 trillion in active management?

Active management offers you the opportunity for outperformance and can play an important role in building a diversified portfolio. But finding the right active fund manager is key. Why choose Vanguard, a leading index provider? You may be surprised to learn that we have more than 40 years in management experience and more than $1 trillion USD in actively managed funds.

In assets in stock, bonds, balanced and money market funds1

Performance that speaks for itself

Over 1 year: 76% of our active funds outperformed their peers.

Over 5 years: 92% of our active funds outperformed their peers.

Over 10 years: 88% of our active funds outperformed their peers.

Percentage of Vanguard U.S.-domiciled funds outperforming their Lipper peer group averages.2

Exceptional talent

With our active funds, you get access to institutional-quality managers whose focus goes beyond the short term. Whether managing quantitative equity and active fixed income ourselves—or choosing outside managers—we have produced impressive long-term results and competitive performance.

We appreciate that active investing is challenging. We look to build loyal and lasting relationships with our external advisors that will last decades, ensuring diversity of thought and accountability for successful outcomes.

“You demand more and more from your active manager—and rightfully so. We pride ourselves on finding the right active managers for the right active strategies that generate and sustain alpha.”

Tim Buckley
Tim Buckley
Chairman and CEO,

Famously low fees

Our long-term perspective generates an unequaled alignment between Vanguard, our managers, and the clients we serve. Our cultural alignment to client outcomes, combined with our global scale, help keep costs low. As a result, your clients can benefit from more alpha.

Most managed mutual funds charge a high fixed management fee regardless of performance. At Vanguard, one way we keep our interests aligned with those of our investors is by connecting the fees you pay for our funds to the performance those funds deliver. This is reflected in our mutual funds' maximum management fee of 0.50% per year.3 The average Series F mutual fund, by comparison, charges an annual asset-weighted management fee of 0.73%.4

Our mutual funds

Each of our Canada-domiciled managed funds uses a multi-advisor approach to help dampen volatility and deliver a more predictable pattern of returns.

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Our factor ETFs

Factors are the underlying characteristics that drive investment performance. With our factor-based ETFs, you can choose to target the exposure of a single factor or employ a multifactor strategy that harnesses the diversification benefits of multiple factors.

About our factor ETFs

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1 Source: Vanguard as of March 31, 2019.

2 For the one-year period, 96 of 127 Vanguard active funds outperformed their peer-group averages. For the five-year period, 98 of 106 Vanguard active funds outperformed their peer-group averages. For the ten-year period, 88 of 100 Vanguard active funds outperformed their peer-group averages. All data as of March 31, 2019. Performance reflective of Vanguard U.S.-domiciled active funds. Results will vary for other time periods. Only funds with a minimum one-, five-, or ten-year history, respectively, were included in the comparison. (Source: Lipper, a Thomson Reuters Company). Note that the competitive performance data shown represent past performance, which is not a guarantee of future results, and that all investments are subject to risks.

3 The management fee is equal to the fee paid by the Vanguard fund to Vanguard Investments Canada Inc. and does not include applicable taxes or other fees and expenses of the Vanguard fund.

4 Source: Strategic Insights Monthly Update September 2018 report, with management fees as of December 31, 2017. Figure is the average annual asset-weighted management fee for Series F mutual funds. Management fees cover, among other costs, the fees paid to fund sub-advisors.

In this material, references to "Vanguard" are provided for convenience only and may refer to, where applicable, only The Vanguard Group, Inc., and/or may include its affiliates, including Vanguard Investments Canada Inc.