Professional retirement planning in a single fund

Vanguard Target Retirement Funds (TRFs) offer a simple solution to a complex challenge: How to ensure your plan members invest successfully for retirement.

For members who lack the time or inclination to plan for retirement, Vanguard TRFs offer the simplicity of a complete portfolio in a single fund. The member simply chooses the fund with the target date closest to the year they expect to retire. As the target date draws near, the fund's investment mix becomes more conservative.

That simplicity extends to qualified institutional investors because Vanguard TRFs are suitable default investment vehicles for defined contribution plans and Group Registered Retirement Savings Plans. They also offer the fiduciary comfort of professional management, transparency and rigorous risk controls—all at exceptionally low cost.

Benefits of choosing Vanguard TRFs

You and your plan members can expect Vanguard TRFs to:

  • Deliver portfolio efficiency with a 100% index approach.
  • Help maximize diversification and fiduciary comfort; minimize cost and oversight.
  • Mitigate security and sector risk.
  • Employ ongoing and stringent governance and oversight by tenured investment professionals.
  • Minimize manager risk.
  • Offer transparency, for greater understanding by plan members.

Qualities that set Vanguard apart

  • Experienced team with a holistic approach. Vanguard TRFs are designed by experts in investments, plan design and member behaviour. An integrated approach puts the needs of your members at the center of our methodology.
  • Vigilant risk management. Vanguard TRFs are subject to independent monitoring by Vanguard’s Risk Management Group. The group monitors portfolios and works with our managers to ensure that risks are identified and managed, which helps us avoid surprises that can affect your members' retirement readiness.
  • Enduring investment philosophy. The investment framework that supports Vanguard TRFs is based on three fundamentals that inform Vanguard’s overall investment philosophy. We believe they provide your plan members with the best chance to achieve their retirement goals.
  • Alignment with your interests. The ownership structure of The Vanguard Group, Inc., in the United States aligns our interests with those of our clients.
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